Rendering Unconscious. Podcast with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair

RU114: Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez, psychoanalyst on trauma, clinical work, lacan salon.

Rendering Unconscious welcomes Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez to the podcast!

Hilda Fernandez-Alvarez works as a Lacanian psychoanalyst in private practice in Vancouver, Canada. She has vast clinical experience in public and private settings in Mexico and Canada. She has a Master’s degree in clinical psychology by Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) and a Master’s Degree in literature by University of British Columbia (UBC). She is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University (SFU), with a research study on discursive spaces of trauma and healing within the mental health institution. She co-founded the Lacan Salon in 2007 and currently serves as its clinical director. She is an academic associate with the Institute for the Humanities at SFU and leads a Clinical Seminar in Vancouver since the fall 2015. She has published various articles on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.